Thank you for booking to visit Hegiin’s Private Dog Paddock.

You will receive a confirmation shortly. If you have any questions you can email us at

We have a No Cancellation and No Refund policy, cancellations will be accepted if given four days notice, the date can be postponed and rearranged for another date and time.

Arrival procedure

  • Enter the driveway of Glenwood House. Please respect the 10 MPH speed limit (MAX). Follow the driveway towards the stables and park on the left.
  • There is CCTV recording 24/7 to keep everyone safe.
  • Please try not to arrive more than 5 minutes before the booking.

Departing procedure

  • You need to leave the area you’ve hired after 55 minutes giving 5 minutes turnaround time. Please respect the incoming people and dogs that expect the same uninterrupted 55 minutes booked.
  • IF you arrive late, for the convenience of others and to avoid dispute you MUST leave at the end of the 55-minute slot booked.
  • Maximum 3 dogs per session